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Purrfect PawMates is a fully insured, full service pet sitting and dog walking service in Bergen County, NJ.  Why disrupt your pets schedule putting your pet in a kennel? On the other hand, Purrfect PawMates can care for your pet in his or her home environment on his or her schedule.  Along with a range of pet sitting options, anywhere from a short walk to an overnight stay, we offer whatever best suits your furry family member's needs! Importantly, we are fully trained in pet first aid and trained to administer most medications.  At Purrfect PawMates, we believe our pets are parts of our families, and we treat your pet just as we would our own!

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Bogota, Ridgefield Park, Little Ferry, Teaneck, Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, Hackensack, Maywood, and Hasbrouck Heights in Bergen County, NJ


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We are fully insured, with almost a decade serving Bergen County, NJ. We are 5 star rated on Google, Yelp, and Thumbtack. Contact us to see how we can help you meet your pets' needs!

Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

- Most pets thrive on consistency and routine.  Using a professional pet sitter keeps your pet to his or her normal schedule.

- Strange environments can be incredibly stressful to a dog or cat.

- Professional pet sitters can administer any necessary medications in your absence.

- Your pet will not be exposed to any illnesses a group pet care environment may have present.

- Professional pet sitters keep your home secure.  They change lights, bring in mail & packages, and give your home the appearance of occupancy in your absence.

- You won't have to inconvenience neighbors, friends, or relatives.

- Many professional pet sitters have training, including first aid, CPR, and pet behavior.

- Your pet will get excellent care, from someone they and you trust.

- It is convenient! No planning drop offs and pick ups, your pet is home when you get home, wagging his or her tail or purring up a storm!

Why Hire a Dog Walker?

- Exercise, exercise, exercise! Pets need regular exercise to stay healthy.  

- Stimulation.  Dogs rely on more than just their eyes to take in their surroundings, they need to smell, hear, and feel the world around them too.  

- Routine.  An established routine helps to alleviate stress and anxiety for your pup in your absence.  Having a mid day break helps to alleviate boredom, and bad behaviors.

- A tired dog is a well behaved dog!

- Time.  We're all busy.  Wouldn't it be great to use your lunch hour to eat lunch, knowing your pup is getting out to have adventures and of course, do their business?