Meet the Humans

Jessica is a pet owner and lover.  She has had cat and dog “brothers and sisters” all her life, and has at various other times had bunnies, fish, turtles, and birds.  Jessica is now “Mommy” to two cats and one human she rescued with her husband (the human wasn't rescued, she came from the stork, obviously.)  She is also an older “sister” to a Beagle, as well as “aunt” to many, many others.

Jessica started her career as a restaurant manager right out of college. After over a decade, she changed careers and became a bookkeeper for a small retail company. While working this job, she began her "side" business. Jessica has been pet sitting for friends and family since 2005.  In 2009, Jessica began pet sitting in Bogota, NJ “on the side”. In 2011, Purrfect Paw Mates was established as a full service pet care provider!  She is committed to maintaining your pet’s current lifestyle and routine in your short or extended absence. At Purrfect Paw Mates, it is their mission to ensure that not only are your pets needs taken care of, but also your pets have as much fun as if you were with them, if not more!!  They truly are "Friends for your furry family members"!

We have four dogs and a cat that Jessica and Lisa have taken care of on a daily and overnight basis.  They take great care of our pets and are extremely responsible. We have been very pleased with the care and service they have provided.  When they have stayed overnight, my house is cleaner than when I left! I would highly recommend Purrfect Paw Mates.
Bogota, NJ